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Welcome to North Head Fitness

Find your fitness with over 50 sessions each week

North Head Fitness brings you more, and all under one roof, with huge variety in our program and high quality coaching. Founded in our CrossFit program, we also offer Barbell (Weightlifting), Boxing, Endurance (Bootcamp & Running), Sport Performance and Kids (CrossFit & Muay Thai) classes. Explore our CLASSES and TIMETABLE tabs to find out more.

Located in an old airplane hanger in the North Head National Park, with retractable doors at both ends, the entire gym becomes almost open-air during summer. We have an enormous open space for training (not crowded with people or equipment), as well as fully accessible shower/bathroom facilities.

We’re most proud of our community. We’re not like a typical gym where you never speak to anyone and do your own thing. You’ll always be training with friends and in a fun environment, supporting each other to achieve your own goals.

North Head Fitness
is a gym like no other

Both for the variety of training that we offer and for our unique 500 square metre facility just up the hill from the heart of Manly, in Sydney, Australia.

Our Classes


Simply addictive, and extraordinarily effective, CrossFit combines functional movements into workouts that anyone from everyday to athlete can participate in.

Every class can be scaled and adjusted for all levels of ability & fitness. Don’t assume that you can’t do it… come and find out what you CAN do!


Our Barbell classes give you the opportunity to focus on weightlifting either as a sport in itself, or as a key domain of CrossFit.


Our endurance classes provide bootcamp-style workouts incorporating body or hand weights with running and functional movements.. We also tailor this program towards upcoming events such as adventure races and runs.
A good alternative to those who love a HIIT workout without the barbell.


Learn the fundamentals of good technique in our boxing classes with the conditioning and fitness that only boxing can deliver.

Sport Performance

Being passionate about the importance of functional strength and good foundations for young athletes, the Sport Performance program will provide structured strength and conditioning training (2 sessions per week for 8 weeks) to build base-level fitness, speed, strength, mobility and movement skills. The program will cater to the requirements of any chosen sport, for anyone playing in a team or individual sport (not just at a competitive/junior athlete level). Ages 15+

Kids & Teens

Our Teens CrossFit class covers foundation CrossFit skills and fitness as well as functional strength and conditioning to complement growing bodies in their chosen sports.
We also offer Kids Muay Thai which involves non-contact technique training, drills and discipline, progressing to using a punching bag over time. Kids will progress through 7 level grading system to recognise their skills and progress. Our goal is to build confident, respectful and active children through learning a martial art.