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We all train together, and support each other to do our very best. Its not about coming first its about personal bests, and on some days just finishing a workout is the biggest win for the day and to do this in a supportive environment where everyone is cheering for you leaves you feeling amazing. Thats what its all about.

We all strive for little wins each time it may be your first double under or your first pull up, or you may be watching in awe of some of our members lifting heavy weights or doing muscle ups…. we all start somewhere ! And thats knowing you have the encouragement and support of our team of coaches and amazing community of members.


What we do

Take the first step to achieving your health & fitness goals

Group Fitness

We have a wide range of group fitness classes for all fitness levels, from teens to adults. Check out our class timetable to find a class and time that suits you.

Personal Training

Do you need a little extra one-on-one time with one of our coaches? Let us know and we’ll discuss your goals with you to find the trainer that’s perfect to take you on your journey.


This class is open to all experience levels. It is a fitness based class that draws on a foundation of boxing and kickboxing techniques and drills. Sessions include a variety of partner pad work and bag work to get the heat and lungs pumping. 


Complement your training with either our Fat Loss Fundamentals Program or Individual Nutrition Program , both run by our owner Julia Higgs who will personally keep you accountable !

Kids and teens

We offer kids and teens classes during the school term as after school classes.

Our boxing program offers a structured based syllabus building upon technique and fundamentals of Muay Thai to work their way through our grading system.

Our CrossFit Teens class teaches functional fitness and movement fundamentals. Both classes are designed for kids to burn off some energy in a fun environment whilst learning new skills.


Become your best.
lead by the best.

Julia Higgs

North Head Fitness Owner / Sports Nutritionist

Julia Higgs

North Head Fitness Owner / Sports Nutritionist

Julia has over 15 years coaching experience and almost 10 years experience as one of the original founders of North Head Fitness.
Julia loves the outdoors and has climbed several peaks in the Himalayas over 6000m, rock and ice climbing as well as running several marathons, when she’s not doing that you’ll find her snowboarding in Japan !

She enjoys setting goals and competing and has competed in 2013 and 2014 in the AU/NZ CrossFit Regional Teams. Since then she has competed in multiple Natural Physique competitions and Powerlifting Competitions, most recently placing 3rd at Australian Powerlifting Federation Masters Nationals for the last 2 years.

Julia is a Sport Nutritionist, where she works for the global regulatory body, ‘Sports Nutrition Association’ as an Academic Assessor as well as one of the Educators at the National Women’s Fitness Academy.

She specialises in transformations and has spent over 5 years educating and delivering transformation results for the everyday person. She has also worked with numerous endurance athletes to help fuel optimally for their training and events and with many MMA fighters to get to their fight weights.

She works as a Strength and conditioning coach and Sports Nutritionist for Warringah Aquatic National and Olympic level swim team as well as S&C Coach for Manly Warringah Netball Womens Open Teams. Not only is she passionate about her job but she gets to make a positive impact on peoples lives everyday and helps them achieve what they never thought possible.


• Gradate Diploma – Performance Nutrition (IOPN)
• Accreditied Sports Nutritionist – ISSN & SNA
• CrossFIt Level 2
• Sports Powerlifting Coach (AWF)
• CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2
• Pre/Post Natal physiotherapy
• Cert 3 & 4 Fitness
• BA (Hons) Business and Languages

Scott Moran

North Head Fitness Owner

Scott Moran

North Head Fitness Owner

Scott is a Strength & Conditioning coach and Co-Owner of North Head Fitness.
As an athlete himself, Scott has participated in many team sports at a competitive level, such as NSW Rugby Union and playing for the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles U20’s in 2015. Since then, Scott has achieved his Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and competed in both Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai.

Scott has had experience coaching both individual athletes as well as teams, including most recently working alongside the Strength and Conditioning staff for the Manly Sea Eagles Junior Pathways teams.

Scott not only programs all of our CrossFit and Endurance classes but is our Head Kickboxing Coach and runs all of our Kids Muay Thai classes. Having also coached Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Scott enjoys developing kids’ programs to ensure safety, improved movement mechanics and fun.

Scott’s favourite part of his job is working with everyday people who want to become better versions of themselves and most importantly, live happier and more confident lives.


• ASCA level 1
• CrossFit level 1
• Cert 3 and 4

Alex Chee

North Head Fitness Coach

Alex Chee

North Head Fitness Coach

Alex has had exposure to a wide range of competitive sports from a young age, from track and field and rugby to Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit and Gymnastics. As a CrossFit Coach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Alex has a strong interest in the personal development of his client’s fitness levels whether for sports-specific performance or everyday life.

Alex has competed in multiple CrossFit Regional Teams over the years and has over a decade of experience as a specialised Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit Coach.


• CrossFit Level 1
• Cert 3 & 4

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