Julia Higgs

North Head Fitness Owner / Sports Nutritionist

Julia has over 15 years coaching experience and almost 10 years experience as one of the original founders of North Head Fitness.
Julia loves the outdoors and has climbed several peaks in the Himalayas over 6000m, rock and ice climbing as well as running several marathons, when she’s not doing that you’ll find her snowboarding in Japan !

She enjoys setting goals and competing and has competed in 2013 and 2014 in the AU/NZ CrossFit Regional Teams. Since then she has competed in multiple Natural Physique competitions and Powerlifting Competitions, most recently placing 3rd at Australian Powerlifting Federation Masters Nationals for the last 2 years.

Julia is a Sport Nutritionist, where she works for the global regulatory body, ‘Sports Nutrition Association’ as an Academic Assessor as well as one of the Educators at the National Women’s Fitness Academy.

She specialises in transformations and has spent over 5 years educating and delivering transformation results for the everyday person. She has also worked with numerous endurance athletes to help fuel optimally for their training and events and with many MMA fighters to get to their fight weights.

She works as a Strength and conditioning coach and Sports Nutritionist for Warringah Aquatic National and Olympic level swim team as well as S&C Coach for Manly Warringah Netball Womens Open Teams. Not only is she passionate about her job but she gets to make a positive impact on peoples lives everyday and helps them achieve what they never thought possible.


• Gradate Diploma – Performance Nutrition (IOPN)
• Accreditied Sports Nutritionist – ISSN & SNA
• CrossFIt Level 2
• Sports Powerlifting Coach (AWF)
• CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2
• Pre/Post Natal physiotherapy
• Cert 3 & 4 Fitness
• BA (Hons) Business and Languages